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Alice Etondi Martin-Dahirou is Gwen and Bob's "oldest daughter" from another mother.  Alice joined the Robert & Gwen Burnley household at a young age and called Bob & Gwen "Mummy & Daddy". She and her husband Alhaji Dahirou have been a source of strength and support. Etondi remained a daughter in whom they were well pleased until their deaths.

Joseph "Joe" was the oldest child of Robert & Gwendoline. He married his life partner, Josepha. They are both of blessed memory. Joe is survived by 2 sons, Robert & Devon.


Emmanuel also called "Nana" is the second child of Bob and Gwen. He is married to Eva and together they have 3 sons, Robert, Brendan, and Ivan. 

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” - Charles Swindoll 

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Francis "Didi" is the third child and son of his parents. He is married to Olive (Elango) and together they have a daughter Alexis and twin boys, Bernard and Bryan.


After 3 sons, Bob and Gwen were blessed with a daughter named Anna. She has one son, Jaden whom she shares with his father, Ernest Ekiti.

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"The voice of parents is the voice of gods, for to their children they are heaven’s lieutenants." - William Shakespeare

Clementine "Tina" is the second daughter and 5th child from the union of Bob and Gwen. She shares 3 daughters, Rea, Zoe and Noa with their father, Ralf Steinberger.

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Julian known to many as Mafany is the youngest of Bob and Gwen's 6 children. Mafany and his wife Vanessa have one 8-year-old son called Julian Mafany Burnley, jr.

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